Spraysmiths’s core business is in restoration, refinishing and refining.
Our services ranges from spray-painting, panel-beating, motor insurance claims to customised paint jobs for pretty much anything you can lay paint on.
Here are a few examples of the things we can do:

  • Accident Claims

  • Panel Beating

  • Metal Working

  • Paint Protection

  • Custom Paint Matching

  • Color and Design Consultancy Services

  • Customer Sticker Design and Production

  • Spray Painting Projects

  • Automotive Spray Painting

  • Motorbike Spray Painting

  • Rims Restoration and Spray Painting


Restoration is defined as a return of something to a former, original, normal, or unimpaired condition.

Restoration usually commences with the preparatory processes such as panel-beating and application of various fillers which will restore the surface of the substrate to as close as it was to when it was first manufactured. The processes involved is the most laborious and tedious usually involving a lot of heat, pulling, hammering and, sometimes, welding.

We recommend that you do not skimp on the preparatory work as it will affect the finish in the long run. Properly done, it will ensure proper adhesion of materials which rewards you with a better and long-lasting finish.


Refinishing is industry-speak for the whole process of coating a substrate with a layer of paint. In much more colloquial terms, we refer to this as "Spray-Painting" or "Laying paint". This is the soul of our operations which is why we refer to ourselves as Spraysmiths (and not Coffeesmiths or any other Smiths). Our painting oven utilizes the latest infra-red baking process which is the most environmental friendly and ensures that the paint dries evenly. We also utilize the latest  enviromental friendly spray-guns.

Our refinishing services are pretty straight forward. You are looking to spruce your car/bike/vehicle/thing with a new coat of paint in that shade of your favourite colour, or feeling nostalgic and would like to have it with that same shine as that very first day you acquired it. We will recommend the finish depending on your budget or need. Come and talk to us!


Here we offer you visual "Kaizen". Kaizen is Japanese term for continuous improvement. As practitioners of the Kaizen ideals, we believe that there is always an opportunity to make things better and that there are no ideas too small. 

Our refining service is where we summon our creative muse, switch modes from craftsmen to artisans and work together with our clients. It might be a body-kit for their car or a custom paint job for their bicycle or macbook. There are no ideas too small or too silly so don't be shy to talk to a Spraysmith about your idea.